Tuesday, February 21, 2012

To Tweet or Not To Tweet?

Personally, I dislike Twitter. I don't see a reason for people to be constantly updating the world about every little thing that goes on in their life that they feel is interesting. From an educational standpoint, I agree that Twitter can be informational. It can be used to remain in the loop of updates from organizations such as the Department of Education and NAEYC. Educators can also use Twitter to acquire new ideas from fellow educators world wide. As an early childhood and special education major, I can't really see myself using Twitter in a classroom because the students would be too young to benefit from its services. I would potentially use Twitter to gain fresh ideas to apply in my classroom.


  1. I also can foresee using Twitter to gain new ideas to use in my classroom when I become a teacher

  2. I can see myself using Twitter to prep for my classroom but I don't think I would necessarily incorporate it directly for instruction in an early childhood classroom!