Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Power Point Reflection

For my SEDU 183, we were asked to create part of a lesson plan using a power point. We used the Pennsylvania state standards to base our lessons off of. Since I am an early childhood and special education major, I chose to do a pre-school math lesson where students would learn how to match numbers 1-10 with concrete objects. Although the feature doesn't work here, this slideshow is interactive. When the students' click on a link to answer a question, it proceeds to a corresponding slide. If they answered the question wrong, the next slide would be a sad face with a go bsck button. When answering correctly, the next slide will be a smiley face followed by the next question.

 At first, thinking of an idea of how to teach this lesson was hard. It took me a day or two to decide how I wanted to teach it. After I figured out my idea, which was a multiple choice matching game, this project was fun. I enjoyed getting to know power point as an interactive tool rather than something used as an excuse for teachers to be lazy. I learned how to link to a video from YouTube which I feel could be productive to change the pace in a classroom. The one main aspect of this project that I struggled with was embedding hyperlinks to slides within the power point. Because my lesson is set up as a multiple choice game, I needed “Good Job” and “Try Again” slides that would either push the game forward or lead it back to the previous question. Once I learned how to do this, it didn’t seem so hard.  My favorite of this project was thinking of and creating the lesson and game. It gave me real experience with something I’ll be doing everyday in the future as a teacher. Unfortunately, I was sick on the day of presentations so please take a look at my power point and let me know what you think! 

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