Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blog on Chaper 1 of PLN

Chapter one talks about the changing pace of technology in our schools. It addresses the noteworthy changes that are taking place to make our school system a worldwide and paperless community. Two major points that the authors address which I would like to discuss are the impacts of a global and mobile source of constant information and communication.
                The idea of a global network is so contrast to our currently isolated education system. The authors’ state that this emerging global network is positive because it increases everyone’s learning networks. They also claim that this global network will make kids safer. Although I agree with the earlier statement, I highly disagree with the latter. When children and adults have full access to each other through the internet, the potential for danger rises. Adults can pose as anybody they want to be to children on the internet as they hide behind their computer screens. These predators are good at what they do, which is tricking others to believe something that isn’t true, and its hard to educate our students to avoid something that they may not even realize is happening. Take for instance the craig’s list killer in New York. He persuaded adult women to believe he was an innocent person selling things on the web. After he lured the women in, he killed them. So my point is, if grown adults can’t fully protect themselves then how can we trust and expect our children to if they are unsupervised? This leads me to my next point of mobile technology.
                Mobile technology is on the rise everywhere. This rise in mobile technology subsequently leads to a rise in access to online information. Students can learn virtually anything and everything without setting foot into a classroom. Many people, including Richardson and Mancabelli, that this is positive because it increases learning networks. I agree and disagree with this viewpoint. The part of me that agrees recognizes the immense possibilities that come along with having the knowledge of the world constantly at your fingertips. This is a great accomplishment that deserves noting. On the hand, I believe that mobile technology in the hands of children can be very dangerous. Children nowadays spend so much time away from supervising adults that they can potentially access whatever they want. I feel like this is a danger for younger and na├»ve children.
                In conclusion, the common trend that I see here is the recognition of how positive a global network can be without any real analysis of the dangers we may be facing.

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  1. I enjoy the part on internet safety. I personally agree that full access to the internet is a scary thing and that most school kids will not take the internet safety course seriously. Good blog and summary :)