Thursday, April 26, 2012

Open Educational Resources

                 Before this week,  I have never heard of OER's. Open educational resources is a movement aimed at opening up and promoting free sharing textbooks, curriculums, and teaching strategies. Many people have differing opinions on OER's but I personally think that they are an essential tool for teachers.
           As a learner and a student, OER's are very beneficial. They can cut down the cost of education by offering free textbooks. Open educational resources also decrease the economic barrier to access to education. I think this is great because I believe that everyone has a right to an education.

                From a teachers perspective, I see a lot of potential in OER's. I can see  myself using teacher tube. I would use teacher tube to find appropriate and educational videos for my classroom.  There is a site that I found that offers math practice problems and homework sections for all grade levels up to 8th grade. I like this site because not only does it offer practice, it offers explanations. If a student answers a problem incorrectly, this site will explain to them what to do. This site also sends grade reports to the teachers and parents to let them know how their students are doing.

                In conclusion, I feel like OER's are productive in expanding our learning networks. I feel like instead of being afraid, teachers need to take a step back and see the real advantages the OER's and PLN's have to offer to the education of our youth.  

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